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Trainning & Placement MSCLIS - IIITA
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About Us

Master of Science in Cyber Laws & Information Security(MS-CLIS)


Information Security Set for Explosive Growth:

2007 was a good year for the information security market, particularly for those people seeking new positions. Public as well as private sector continuously keeps on looking for large number of security specialists. Demand grew steadily during 2007 as projects moved through key stages. Awareness of security was raised during 2007 as a result of several high profile incidents and publicity around FSA fines. This had two effects. One, there was an increase in the number of companies who are wishing to employ information security specialists. The other was the increased expectation that suppliers need to have adequate controls over security. Overall, demand for security staff was robust. Strength in the commercial and public sectors outweighed the slowdown in banking that developed in the second half of the year. For evolving efficient Information Security policy, concerned legal aspects of information security also have to be taken into account. This gives rise to the demand for professionals who are not only expert in network security but also have sound knowledge of legal practices associated with it. According to a recent NASSCOM jobs study conducted by the research firm IDC, the demand for IS professionals is 18,000 and 60,000 in India and worldwide respectively. This is estimated to grow to over 77,000 in India and 188,000 worldwide by 2010 Thus, the requirement, which presently accounts for about 30 percent of overall IT workforce demand, will rise to around 9-10 percent in 2010. IIITA anticipated this requirement and started a two year course of Master of Science in Cyber Laws and Information Security in 2004.

Prospects for future:

At present there is no evidence of slowdown in the demand for information security specialists to work on major government sector projects. Projects are enhancing in size and none of the current major initiatives are nearing completion. Henceforth consultancies needs to switch focus in recent years, now they are keen to focused more on the financial services and government sectors. The potential problems within the financial services industry will most likely cause them to focus more directly on the commercial sector. Opportunities in retail, health and pharmaceuticals are improving as companies in these sectors are spending more on information security infrastructures.

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